February 22, 2008

Google updates the Android SDK to m5

Just a week ago Google announced the m5 release for the Android SDK. They have made some changes which involve the Android Sync Client in different aspects, such as xml files, layouts, menus, notification manager (replaced by Toasts) and content providers (SqlLite).
Google developers have made a complete list of the API changes, that you need for porting your Android application to the latest SDK.

I want to make some brief considerations.
After some bug reports, it seems they have fixed the problem which makes the Dalviq VM crashing when you wanted to create "a lot of" instances. Now you can use the Android Sync Client normally and sync more than 100 contacts without problems (we are waiting for your reports ;) )
It still lacks an efficient bug reporting tool, a Google Group (android-developers) I think it's not enough. At least regroup the discussions in different categories, not mix all into a unic discussion group!!

Significant changes concern the UI also, which appears very different compared to the previous one:

If I have to be honest, I don't like it so much, but I can give a correct opinion as soon as an android phone will be available for the market and see it in action under my eyes :)

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